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  • Market your products & services
  • Earn AGX or AUX with every sale
  • Receive real time payouts
  • Eliminate merchant and FX fees
  • Mitigate chargebacks
  • Easily track sales like a pro

Maximize your sales & distribution by accepting Honest Money.

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LODEmarkets is for everyone.

Receiving payment for sales should be easy and cheap, like receiving a text message. No matter where you live, what you do, or what you offer for sale.


AUX & AGX Coins are backed by a reserve of securely vaulted gold and silver bullion.


Access your honest money whenever, wherever. All from the palm of your hand.


Experience low-fee transactions within seconds.


Securely send, spend and store funds anywhere across LODE’s global honest money network.


LODE products & services are built on secure, private blockchain protocols meant to preserve your wealth. Because security is never an afterthought.


A system built by a global alliance continuously delivering powerful products & services. For the people, by the people.

Reach more customers and increase sales

Want to get started? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Sign up for an account to register and log in to the LODEmarkets portal.
  2. Add your LODEpay public wallet address to your LODEmarkets account profile.
  3. Add your product and service listings to the marketplace.

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