California Radio Advertising

Stockton Market

Advertise your product or service on your selection of radio stations in the Stockton Market.

Select the best format for your target audience: Country, Oldies, Adult Contemporary News Talk, Sports & more and pay for your radio spot advertising with 100% Reward Dollars or Barter Dollars.

This is a great opportunity to buy radio spots without spending cash to advertise your business to get more sales from new customers. Get $9,700 in prime time radio commercials at 25% off net rate card!

Your investment is just $7275 cryptocurrency, Reward Dollars or Trade Dollars to purchase $9,700 in 30 or 60 second radio spots that will air during prime time from 6AM to 6PM.

A 15% agency placement fee of $1455 cash will be due and payable upon confirmation of availability of your advertising order.

Placement Details:
Placement orders received can start airing within two weeks from receipt of order. Orders can be placed up to six months in advance of airing.

Contact Details:
Company Name : 
Contact Person: Bruce Kamm
Email:  bkamm@intertradecapital.com
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AGX 12,416.00
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